Monday, September 22, 2008

What kind of friend are you?

Do you ever wonder what impact, if any you have on someone else? Sure we all make friends and then as life happens we drift apart and maybe we bump into them at a restaurant... you are polite, promise to get in touch, maybe exchange phone numbers or e-mail... and for awhile you might even do it, or plan to... but then life keeps on going... you have places to go and never enough time to reconnect with someone you haven't really talked to for years. Even if you meet for lunch it might be strained, trying to seem witty and friendly and fun. But then as you finally escape to your car, do you think about meeting up again? Or do you gradually drift apart again?
I confess to being a drifter on occasion... although I am fortunate enough to have a few friends that I cannot drift away from... they are like magnetic friends.. no matter what happens, they stay right there.. and you stay right there for them too...

But it makes me wonder about internet friends too... when you are "around" them, you might feel like the life of the party.. people respond to you, people laugh with you when you are being silly, they might even empathize with your troubles, or share heartfelt feelings.. but when you leave, do they think of you? Or is it out of sight (or site) out of mind?

As much as I like to think people miss me when I am not around, I am realistic enough to know that for the majority of people, I am not a magnet friend.. I might cross their minds now and then, but for the most part they have busy lives too... and its not a sad thing, its just honest.

I feel blessed for the few magnets I have, and I enjoy talking to the friends who just giggle or share with me and move on... life evolves like that...